Holidays & Special Events

8-Hour Excursion Payment
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The Details 
Thank you for reserving your 8-hour excursion.
We will be contacting you to send you a payment link to make your deposit.

All other incurred fees will be collected on the day of the excursion.  

4th of July. Independence Day
Labor Day
St. Patrick's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Father's Day
Mother's Day
Valentine's Day

Special event means a sports event, pageant, celebration, historical reenactment, entertainment, exhibition, parade, fair, festival, boat races, or similar activity where one or more people are together for a purpose, usually for a short period of time, but not always. Special events include events or actions catered for things happening in Lake Havasu or surrounding locals. 

  You make payment of $600.00 as a deposit to hold your scheduled excursion. 

The remainder balance includes:
✔️Excursion Event
✔️Local Taxes

- $75.00 Lily-pad 
- $100.00 Portable BBQ 
- $125.00 Dog (only one dog is allowed) 

We are upgrading our payment system, so we will contact you and provide the link to you.
We look forward to providing a superior lifetime experience!  

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