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Captain "Q"

Michael Quijada

Licensed Boat Captain. Retired Firefighter, Commercial Pilot/Flight Instructor. Owner Operator of 28 years living in and boating on Lake Havasu. Captain "Q" is a native of Southern CA.

Captain Cindy DQ
Cindy Donaldson - Quijada

Captain Cindy is also a Licensed Boat Captain. She serves as the company's Chief Financial Officer and Accountant. She can drive, launch and retrieve vehicles with the best of them on any given busy day at the launch ramp.

Captain Cindy is a native of Huntington Beach, Ca. She has been boating most of her life.*92CCA75F-9C3D-40A6-A2BB-EF09BF9C3786*webp?alt=media&token=b18763c8-6bdc-4b9d-bf3c-22708c7a7094

Daughter Rio Donaldson and Her Boyfriend Justin Mooney

Rio is our daughter. She is a Nursing student at ASU Havasu. Rio's goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner and open her own Clinic. For now, she is earning her keep in the family business! Justin is a new Firefighter for LHCFD. After probation, he plans on pursuing his Captain's license.  

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